15.6″ Casual Laptop Backpack with USB Port

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This stylish backpack can be a great companion for college, travel, business, everyday use and outdoor activities.  Staying on the go has never been so easy, with large spacious compartments with plenty of room for your personal belongings.  Bring this water repellent bag with you for any weather or situation!


USB PORT DESIGN: Built-in USB PORT is convenient to charge your cell phone by the connected power bank. (POWER BANK IS NOT INCLUDED)

MULTI-COMPARTMENT: Roomy space for your laptop and tablet. One open pocket and mesh pocket provide perfect storage for your small items, such as credit cards and keys. Zippered compartment and side pockets all in simple and practical design, black leather pullers are the best choice of fashion. What’s more, the bag is lightweight and it is easy to carry.

DURABLE & COMFORTABLE:Reinforced edges and steel frame of the main compartment keep the perfect shape of the bag and durable of usage. Unique leather handles match well with shoulder straps. A well-knit luggage strap is quite convenient for you to fix the backpack on the trolley of your luggage, making your journey and travelling more convenient wherever you go.


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  1. The main compartment with good padded sleeve offers enough and safe space for your 15.6″ laptop/tablet/iPad, it also easily fits your clothes, camera and books.
  2. Our backpack with several front functional pockets, you can hold your small items perfectly, such as laptop accessories, cell phone, keys, pens, etc.
  3. Two side pockets for easy access essentials, can hold water bottle and umbrella.


  1. Dimensions: 16.9″ x 11.15″ x 7.5″
  2. Weight: 1.82 LBS
  3. Fit Laptop Size: 15.6 Inch or less
  4. Constructed of water-repellent material to ensure your laptop and documents stay dry during light rain or from accidental water spills.
  5. Provides Ultimate protection for your device against scratches and accidental bumps.


  1. Suitable for daily use, perfects for business traveling, college students and outdoor activities in daily life.
  2. Great value gifts for those who go to school, travel or work.


  1. Padded back panel and shoulder strap provide comfortable carry experience on your daily life.
  2. A luggage strap allows backpack fit on luggage/suitcase, slide over the luggage upright handle tube for easier carrying.


  1. Built-in USB PORT is convenient to charge your cell phone by connecting your power bank without opening up you backpack on and go.
  2. USB PORT INSTRUCTIONS:Putting your Power Bank (NOT INCLUDED) into backpack and connect internal USB cable, then let your charging cable insert external USB port to connect your electronic device.

About Kroser

KROSER is a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing laptop bag, briefcases, backpacks, computer bags for export more than 15 years. The quality of our products is strictly controlled, we always provide a highly qualified products and work force at competitive prices, hoping can bring the customer satisfactory shopping experience.



Black-14.1", Black-15.6", Camouflage Blue-15.6", Camouflage Grey -15.6", Dark Blue-15.6", Rose Pattern Xk01-15.6", Rose Pattern Xk02-15.6", Rose Pattern Xk03-15.6"

10 reviews for 15.6″ Casual Laptop Backpack with USB Port

  1. Lil boy blues

    I really do like this bag. I am a mom of two small children and I am teacher. This bag holds everything without giving me back pain. I have not put my laptop in though because I already have one at work. However, I have used it for carrying papers, wipes, a kindle reader….so many things. I love the side pockets for keep water bottles. The side pockets are very deep and I can fit multiple things in them. The front zippered pouch can also hold my kindle reader, cell phone, wipes, anything because it is very spacious. I’ve taken this to church and carried my Bible and notes inside. Lots of room for pens, pencils, crafts, yarn, blankets….whatever you need, it can fit. I like this bag so much more than an over the shoulder bag which hurts my shoulder because I put so much in it. I like the top handles on the bag so that I can also carry it like an actual purse if I need to do so. It also comes with a usb cord but you have to supply your own battery pack for your device to charge but just not having to bring a cord and already having attached to the bag is convenient. There is also a snap on the top handles that you can snap a key ring or maybe a fun keychain on something.

  2. Jeanelle M.

    I was a little hesitant to purchase this bag because of the price, but I’m actually happy I did. I got the smaller of the two sizes and I almost wish i got the bigger one because i keep my 13” laptop in a laptop bag/sleeve. It still fits inside the backpack with room to spare so i guess its not too bad.It can be a little hard to close because there is a metal frame where the zipper is to keep it’s doctor bag shape. So if you overstuff the bag, you may not be able to close it. There are plenty of pockets inside to keep everything organized. The pockets for electronics are padded. (I love that there’s a pocket for my laptop and a separate for my ipad). The biggest plus to this bag and probably one of the main reasons i picked this bag over other bags is the usb port. Just put your portable charger inside the backpack and plug it in to the backpack. The. When your phone is on low battery you can just plug your cord into the backpack (picture 4) and charge while using. This is super convenient for traveling.This is made of good great material. Says its water resistant but I haven’t exposed it to the rain yet. Super chic and the top handles of the bag comes with a magnetic clasp. It’s not very strong but it gets the job done. There is a large front zipper and a pocket on each size for your drinks and/or umbrella.Overall I am very happy with this purchase 🙂

  3. K

    I LOVE THIS BAG SO MUCH.I tend to be a bag snob. I really hate having to switch bags all the time, and I also have a really hard time finding one that can do what I want it to do: Look nice, not be too bulky, have room for everything I need. If it’s big enough to fit my laptop, then either it’s a messenger bag that kills my neck and back, or it’s a big ugly backpack that I couldn’t take to professional meetings. Then trying to put the random stuff I need throughout the day – lunch, change of shoes, my kids toys – just becomes a hassle. Heaven forbid I try to find one that will also work as a personal item on a flight.This bag, though – this bag does it all.I first ordered the smaller bag, hoping that my laptop and leather folder (both were small enough to fit, according to the website description). Unfortunately, my laptop just barely fit, and I couldn’t fit the leather folder in. But everything else fit, and fit really well. I love how the bag opens up on top and you can see everything, straight from the beginning. No digging, no shuffling, no unzipping multiple pockets looking for what you need, no flaps hanging over and getting in your way. Beautiful.But the smaller bag was just too small to be comfortable, and I was concerned that the larger bag would be too big and bulky. That’s usually the problem. But I took a risk and ordered it.When it arrived, I hadn’t mailed the smaller one yet, and I compared the two directly. Visually, you can’t easily tell one is larger than the other: you have to really look.I decided to take pictures of the two bags, side by side. In all of the pictures, the smaller one is on the left, the larger one on the right. I also took pictures comparing how my stuff looks in both bags. You can tell that, even though the bag doesn’t look any bigger on the outside, it feels a lot bigger on the inside. It’s the friggin Tardis of bags!I love everything about this bag. I ordered an after-market chest strap to go with it (as I do a lot of biking and wanted extra support), and I probably won’t use the special charging cable (I just keep my phone inside my bag if I’m charging it), but literally everything else is gold. I sincerely hope they never stop making it so that I can keep buying it year after year.#PleaseDontStop #ILoveThisBag #DontMakeThingsHarderForUs

  4. Andrea Martin

    5 women in my office have this bag. That’s my only gripe with it. It’s very popular. And it’s popular because it’s attractive and holds a TON of stuff. It’s also build for a petite/short (I am 5’1″). Here are all the things I fit in my bag:1 Rectangular Snaplock lunch container1 pair of walking shoes1 15″ 2017 Macbook pro OR my HP Elitebook1 40″ Hydroflask water bottle (on the inside because there’s an internal little water pocket)1 Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic keyboard1 journalIt holds up in the rain.I am a short, petite woman at 5’1. It fits my back well and doesn’t cause my clothes to ride up. Riding up is often a problem with other backpacks because they’re too long for the torso. Not this one!It does NOT have that awful mesh/venting material that causes your clothes to pill.I do wish it has another zipped pocket in the interior. And I wish it came in leather.Overall, it’s one of the best, and most stylish bags I’ve owned. Buy it.

  5. Tristan and Felice

     I was looking to replace my larger, bulky laptop bag with something sleeker.1. This is a lightweight bag with one large compartment divided with pockets.2. The top handles have a magnetic ‘snap’ to loop together.3. The laptop pocket is lightly padded and snug to fit my 14.1″ Dell computer.4. I really like the dual side pockets for water bottle or quick phone stash while going through TSA or using the charging port.5. This bag has a frame to hold it’s large, rectangular opening providing easy access to the items at the bottom. I see this as a major plus!6. REMEMBER it comes with a USB cable for the charging port but NOT the portable battery.7. Overall design looks attractive for professional use. I wouldn’t be embarrassed taking this into a biz meeting.8. Can be carried on your elbow (NOT SHOULDER) like a tote. Not sure that it would be practical if it’s heavy, but possible.9. Low cost with lots of features.If you are looking for a smaller and less bulky laptop backpack this is a great choice.Update after using for 1 year.This is still my favorite travel laptop bag!!I have had no quality issues.The color interior is seriously the best thing in life to actually see what’s in your bag. I had no idea what a useful feature this was!I like that the top handles will go over my suitcase handle. It is not as nice as a real strap but works great. I can’t say enough how much I love this bag.

  6. The Modern Moiselle

    I had to stop everything in life that I was doing when my bag arrived because I had to review it!Ladies, if you are in search for your next laptop bag, large backpack purse, carry-on bag, baby bag, mom bag or WORK BAG, this is THE ONE.I am a bag snob and and trade out my work bags weekly. This week after I started my new job and having to take my laptop and paperwork home each night, I felt like my Chocolate New York leopard print bag on wheels would do the trick. It actually has been lovely wheeling it in from a distant walk from the parking deck and working out of my bag as I get my work space set up.But now, I am ready for my backpack and purchased this bag towards the end of the week so it would arrive on the weekend and ready to use on Monday. I wear a lot of black and white in the workplace. I love gold jewelry and black bags with gold hardware, so this bag is perfect for my wardrobe! I love the thing so much that I am seriously thinking of buying me the smaller 14″ black bag and using it as my mom bag. I lug a lot of stuff around when I go shopping, etc with my 5 and 7 year olds (they need snacks, drinks, toys, tablets and their whole room with them when we go out). So, this would be perfect for that!As you can see from the pics, this is a very attractive, chic, and well-made bag for any occasion. It feels so sturdy and durable with my laptop, file folders, charger, planners and pens in it. There is also more space for a small umbrella and perhaps a thin cardigan rolled up. I love it so much already!

  7. Jane

    Love this bag! I was looking for a work and travel bag. This one is perfect. Plenty of space for my large iPad/or laptop, two water bottle holders, waterproof (already tested this), and super cute. I’ve received multiple compliments on this bag.

  8. AuroraBorealis

    I was searching for a bag to take on buses, trains, planes, trips in general.Things I love:**The handles on top.**The top opens up and I can easily find everything I need**Fancy charger port**Full size water bottle easily fits in side pockets**Style: I’ve gotten several complimentsThings I don’t love:**I really can’t think of anything I don’t like about it. If I was being super picky, I would say the zippers feel a bit cheap, like I am unsure of how long they will last.

  9. Traveling_IceQueen

    Love! I travel tons and am always struggling with my purse being super heavy on my shoulder with a laptop, iPad, chargers etc. this is the ultimate solution … still looks like a purse but it also a backpack. Would recommend for students, travelers, etc.

  10. Caribare

     So, moving from country to the big city (DC) makes one become urbanized. Taking metro or just walking – how to help myself be more organized comfortably. Also lots of travel, I wanted a” go to “pick up and run item which, again, keeps me organized. I love the sleek style of this purse/backpack. It’s simple in design, yet so functional on many levels. I had a backpack but the front zipper opened “around” exposing my phone and wallet- without it secure- I fixated on a loss. This also allows me to take on a plane easily – holding everything and more. For $33 that is a power puncher. I’ll be using it this week extensively for travel. I made this video for a friend- so she badda bing! Bought as well! Added bonuses are the phone charger and luggage strap. I usually have a very cute briefcase- but since my shoulder surgery – backpacks even out the weight and make carrying easier. My only negitive would be the blue inside material. It feels like it’s maybe waterproof or water resistant and a little crunchy- hopefully sturdy enough to be with me a long time. I’ll update in a month with 4 more trips – it’ll be an ol pro.

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